Thursday, September 11, 2008

The New Blog....

So, we switched our blog. I wanted to have a blog that was a little more customized, I guess. Anyway, so here I am again saying that "I know it been a while since we've posted or updated, but we will be posting more shortly. We have had quite a bit going on, so at least we will have stuff to put up. For Labor Day, we (Jared, Jackson, Christy, Sydney and myself) piled into the car and drove to Athens, Texas to go the Fish Hatchery. Micheal and Sydney went a few years back and have been wanting for us to go, so we thought it would be a good time to. It's about a two hour drive I think, so it was a nice little road trip. We arrived to find out that it was closed though, but that wasn't going to stop us from having a good time. We ended up at Purvis Creek State Park for a day of fishing. We had been telling Jackson that we were going fishing all day because you can fish at the Hatchery. We could tell that he was going to be really disappointed if we didn't keep our promise, that's why we ended up at the park. It was a rough time fishing though. The boat rental attendant insisted that we could all fit on one paddle boat, even though we originally asked for two. So, if you can imagine what a sight we were with not only ourselves, but all our fishing gear, our bait (bucket of live minnows), and our lunches on one paddle boat. Hysterical!

We were so squished that I couldn't get any of Jared in the picture at all. Jackson was required to wear a life jacket, but as you can see, it was a little too big. He couldn't turn his head, and I think for a moment he fell asleep that way. For some reason, the two heaviest people (Jared and I) sat on the same side, so our boat was slightly tilted. Poor Christy had to do most of the paddeling by herself because she was sharing that job with tired, pregnant me, and at some point someone on the back of boat spilled some of our minnows. Even though we didn't catch a single fish (or get a single bite for that matter), it ended up being a really great trip. We all had a lot of fun!

We've got some good pictures of Jared's lovely knee that I'm sure everyone wants to see.
He's doing well, he returned to work yesterday all by himself. He hasn't had anymore sick spells, Thank Goodness!, and his pain has been minimal. We are so very thankful for the progress he is making, and just hope that he can return to his normal self soon. He has to start physical therapy next week, so hopefully that will make the recovery process even more quick, and the doctor said that the clinic he will be going to is one of the best around. He'll be playing volleyball in no time!!!