Monday, November 24, 2008

Colin is Here

Warning: Cookies are known to cause happiness, stomach aches and early labor.

Who knew cookies could be so powerful?

Friday Jamie made "labor cookies" from a recipe she found online. She's been wanting to try anything to kick start her labor in hopes she wouldn't have another 9 lb baby to birth at her due date, especially since she was going into this thing as a VBAC. Well, we all tried one of the cayenne peppered ginger snap - like treats that night, but turns out Jamie had three to ensure their promised effectiveness. I woke the next morning and looked over at Jamie. She had a smile on her face and said "well, the cookies worked." She had started having some contractions that morning and we were pretty sure Colin was probably on his way.

By about 7:00 Saturday evening, Jamie was having very consistent and pretty intense contractions (she also had a couple more cookies to ensure progress) so we made the decision to go ahead and hit the hospital. We got there around 8:30 pm and after a long night of anxiousness, pain, soreness and exhaustion (Jamie had a pretty rough time too) Colin popped out and is about as perfect as they come. Just like his brother was. He was born at 9:40 am and was 7 lbs 8 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long.

We were so proud of Jamie for having the determination to deliver naturally this time after having the C-section with Jackson. She was amazing. She fought through the pain before her epidural so well as she wanted to make sure she did everything she could do to help progress the baby before any drugs. All the nurses and her doctor were so impressed with her focus and ability to deliver naturally especially as they are very hesitant and cautionary about VBACs. Right after she delivered Colin, I looked at her doctor and said - "Jamie, you VBACe'd the crap out of that baby" as a snub to his doubt he's had with her to do it.

Anyways, everything went perfectly and we're thankful for all the friends and families congratulations and support. We'll post some better pictures soon, but here's a look at Colin Jordan (yes, we changed it at the very last minute) Abraham.