Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, the summer’s already gone, and Jackson has been in first grade for more than a week now. How time gets away from me! With the 2nd hottest summer on record, I can’t say much has been accomplished this “break”, and I’m pretty sure this heat is causing me to lose it a little. I do believe the only trip we took was the day to Austin. Our bank account has pretty much been drained from house projects, and I’m beginning to feel out of element. I have to say it’s nice having Jackson back in school. He loves it, and is a happier child because of it, which makes my days less stressful. I feel like I’ve reached a weird time in my life where I feel antsy, or unsettled maybe. I have “The Itch”. I have this over whelming need to delve into my creativeness and to share it with others. Figuring out exactly how I’m going to do that has been the challenge. I did design a logo last week for guy here in the metroplex for his running business. That was fun, but I have yet to get another job of that sorts. I have a couple of prospects, but I’m not feeling fulfilled. On the flip-side of this there’s a little guilt. I feel like I should be able to have fulfillment in my family and in my home and friends and even my calling. But there is still this constant want/need to have another outlet. So,…so much of my time lately seems to be spent on trying to figure out what I can and will be able to do. I am having a hard time keeping myself out of thrift stores, and away from garage sales. They are definitely my guilty pleasure. My boys are to the point that they don’t like going to any store with me, it’s like pulling teeth sometimes. But, I have found that if I tell Colin that we are going on a “Treasure Hunt” he becomes a pretty good sport. Here is his booty for the day.

i 005 

A super cool remote control racecar (it actually is pretty cool even though I didn’t want to get it), and his spiderman suit. I think I know what he’s gonna be for Halloween this year. Anyway, another one of excuses for being stuck to the computer lately has been family history. Oh man! It’s so dangerous. I have to admit that I spent alllll dayyyy yesterday working on it. It’s seriously addictive and a good cause for a spent day, I suppose. I am so looking forward to cooler days where we can step outside, but in the meantime I guess I stay in and try to figure out how I’m going to waste the rest of this overheated summer.

Here’s some pictures of this summer…

a 100

a 103

a 112

a 109

a 021

a 128

a 003

d 012

f 019

f 022

g 001

g 007

Man, I sure do have some cute boys!