Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2024 we come!

Jackson has just recently started a gymnastics class. As any proud parent would, I thought I'd share some video with everyone. Eventhough this was his first couple of classes, I can see the potential!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

AKC Herding

While trying to decide what we wanted to do today, we received a call from Sydney. She said that her and Michael were driving to some place south of Dallas to go watch a dog herding competition, and wanted to know if we would like to go too. We thought the boys would probably enjoy that, Colin has a serious thing for dogs, so we decided to tag along. However, it wasn't quite what we thought it would be when we got there. It as quite funny actually, there weren't that many people there, and the ones that were there were the one's competing. So, it almost felt as if we had showed up to a secret club the we didn't belong to. None of us really knew what to expect, but we met some really nice people, and some very adorable dogs.

These are a few of the herders.

059 077 075

By the way, it was really hard for me to get a picture of the dog looking at me. I learned that Australian Shepherds don’t like things pointed at them (as in a camera), so they will turn away. Which is what happened in the first two pictures. The first dog actually turned his whole body.

These are some of the herdees.


The boys had so much fun! There was so much room to run and play, we just had to be careful not to distract the competing dogs.







This must be the only picture I got of the sheepdogs. This is one actually herding. He didn’t do very good though. He did the equivalent to drowning himself in the creek. Basically, he didn’t follow the sheep across the bridge.


We were at the farm for a few hours, (long enough to get sunburned). Afterward, we headed to Cedar Hill State Park. We made a quick stop at a frozen custard shop nearby the park, yum!Then we drove around the park and found a playground for the boys to play before we headed back home.




Mainly, it was Jackson doing the playing. Colin spent most of his time wandering around outside the playground in the dirt and rocks. He did find a ball, his favorite!


We had a really fun day, I spent most of my time on the way home falling asleep though. It was a really good way to spend a Saturday. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Abraham!