Friday, September 21, 2012

Beginning Again

I see that it has been almost year since my last post, and it's fun to go through and see what was happening then and to think about all that has happened since. For instance, the oven in the last past has been sold! And I'm glad to say that I made 35 bucks in the deal. I still have the lamp w/ shade, but I think I'm going to cycle it out into storage until I have a better place for it. And my sweet boys have grown so much in the last year. It's so strange how we forget they ways that they grow until we see old pictures. I don't like that it's been so long since my last update, but I've spent a lot of the last year focusing on working on myself a bit and needed to put a few things on hold: the blog being one. I feel like I'd like to give it another go and with it still being my favorite time of year, maybe I'll have more to post about. There's lots of updating to be done and I'll be getting around to it!
 Leave me a comment so that I know that you guys are still checking in on me!