Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

I am quite a few blogs behind, but I am going to get my Easter blog up anyway. I'll fill in the blanks later. Anyway, we had a really nice Easter. We went to church in the morning, and afterward headed over to my parents house for lunch and the egg hunt. Lunch was really great, as usual. If there is one thing my family knows how to do, it's cook. Then we had the annual hunt for the eggs. It's fun to see our generation of kids do the hunting. I remember when it was me and my cousins all dressed up in our fancy outfits, lining up on Ma-maw's back porch scoping out the best route to take to get the most eggs, while having to patiently wait while all the adults tried to get our pictures. Now we get to do that to our kids. It's a really nice tradition to have, and it's only going to get more fun. In just a couple of years, we'll have four more out there running around with the rest of us.

Here a few picture's of Jackson hunting......there were so many eggs, you can kind of see in the first picture.

After the egg hunting was over, Jackon and Phillip (my cousin D'Anna's husband) came up with a game of there own. Human weedeater! Here's one of the videos, it's looks really bad, but Jackson loved it and it was super funny to watch.

So, after all of that fun we ended the evening at the Abraham's. Sydney made sandwiches and we all just relaxed until it was time to go home. I think we all had a good time, and I really like every chance to spend some time with family. I'm looking foward to the next get together.

Here are some other picts from the day.

The Boys in the bluebonnets!

Jackson and his cousin Bayleigh.

They're admiring a worm they found hanging in a tree.