Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas crafts

So, I have been especially crafty this holiday season. Probably because I have recently become an avid follower of few very inspiring blogs. Most of which are added to my friends list if you would like to check them out. One of which is Centsational Girl’s blog. She happens to have a post dedicated to everyone’s crafty ideas, and I have LOVED! looking thought them the past few days, and have be wanting so badly to contribute. I have had several projects that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks (takes me forever to get anything done with Colin here), but none that I really felt were worthy, until now. I’ll post it, plus the others to just so you can see what I’ve been doing.

I went outside yesterday for some fresh air and some inspiration, and found these.

c 001

Not only do they look way better up in the tree than they do up close, but they also produce a strange odor:( And to me, Christmas doesn’t stink, so I figured they wouldn’t work. But then I looked across the yard at a huge branch that had fallen last January with the huge snow storm, and that for some reason is still laying in our backyard and ‘=’ (that’s a light bulb) I had an idea. So I pulled off a branch, stuck it in a pot, and started spraying (and glittering). Here’s what I have today!

b 001

b 004

a 019

It somehow looks way better in person, it’s very Dr. Seuss’ish, I love it! I have some vintage ornaments that I got last year at an estate sale right after we moved into the house. I thought my branch was a good way to display them, what do you think?

I also attempted a wreath redo last week. I had high hopes and expectations, and was a little let down I have to say. I decided to go blue and silver ( from my many years of red and gold). I also tried my hand at flocking, and all I have to say is that there has to be a better way. Anyway, here it is.


a 010


a 011

I like it, but you can tell where half of the flocking had fallen off by the time I got the whole thing decorated. I’ll live with it for now, but I foresee me trying a new flocking technique next year.

Sydney gave us a gingerbread house kit to put together. I had hoped for a fun time with the boys, but because everything I do has to be “Perfect” I couldn't relax enough for it to be much fun. It looks great, but every time Colin pulls off a piece of candy, I loose it a little. I need to be a better mommy, I need to be a better mommy ( saying this to myself). So, here is our little creation.

a 015

a 014

*let’s play “can you find Colin”.*

And last but not least, here is an idea that I sort of stole from one of the crafters, who, at the moment I can’t not find. here it is.

d 004

Now, the one she had made was with an actual wreath base, and the rosettes were made out of lace (super pretty). I had neither…so, I used a Styrofoam plate (you can actually see it if you look close enough) and a thin, cream colored batting for my rosettes. I think it turned out super cute and it goes well on the fireplace with my new mirror (another project). They sort of look like cinnamon rolls though, oh well. I have a few more ideas that I wan to come to fruition some time soon, I’ll keep posted. So, this is what I’ve been up to, how about you?

d 001

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Projects

What’s going on?

t 058

t 057

What on earth could we be doing? I see a saw, lots of wood, lots of sawdust and some you know what it could be?  Only I would decide that we needed to embark upon a project like this one.

Well, here’s the finished product….

t 059

A nice, new huge dining table just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner! We were too excited about getting it set that we didn’t take any pictures of it without table clothes, food, and d├ęcor!

t 061

t 063

t 073

It was quite the set up as you can see. Heidi brought her lace table cloth that she got in Italy and Sydney brought her China. And me and Nicole painted and !glittered! those little word signs you see there. And the guys supplied us our table! It was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.