Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun evening with old friends.

A little over a week ago Jared's old friend Austin, from the band days, invited us over to his parents house to see his new baby boy and to cookout and swim. Austin's new wife had two other kiddos really close in age to Jackson, so it was a real fun time for him too. We all went swimming in the pool, ate grilled goodies, and watched a couple of old band videos...which is always fun(ny). Jackson had so much fun with the other kids, Ty and Alexis, he was so worn out by the end of the evening. Later on, Austin invited us to go for a ride out on the boat. Neither of our kids has ever been on one. My dad had a boat when I was growing up and I loved going out on it, so it was really fun to see if they liked it too. Colin's life jacket was way too big for him, he looked really funny! Jackson loved feeling the wind in his hair. Jared actually went tubbing, and I think he was tired by the end of the ride. We had a really nice time, thanks Austin.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

I had a great 25th. Thanks for all the emails, phone calls, text messages and voice mails. : )

I walked in the door Thursday night and got my first gift. Sitting on the dining room table, next to a note that said "Happy Birthday, Jared" was a BANJO! Ditta-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding ding. Jamie definitely surprised me. I wasn't expecting anything like that. Those are always to best gifts. I found out afterwards that she pawned some of her old jewelry and drove all the way to Arlington to get it for me. She must love me.... I sure do love her. Thanks, Jamie.

Friday (birthday) my office took me out to lunch and we had some cake later on. I left work early to meet up with Mom, Dad, Jamie and the boys and a few of my good friends in Arlington. We had dinner at Pappasitos and then headed over to the Rangers ballpark. Watching a Rangers game is one of my favorite things to do: good entertainment, good food, good company = good time. There was an awesome fireworks show right after the game, too.

It was a great night. I've had a pretty awesome 25 years so far and looking forward to the next set. Now the pressure is on for Jamies B-day next month. Any ideas?


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 Years Ago...

Jared and I were a couple of newlyweds, sunbathing on a beautiful Miami beach. Man, how time flys. So, I bet your wondering what great things we did to celebrate our first five years. Well, Jared had taken to whole week off, initially we had planned to take a trip. When that didn't work out, we decided to just stay here and try to finish all of the projects around the house. That didn't really workout either, but he did get the fence finished in the backyard with the help of the missionaries, and it looks GREAT! And he finally was able to get his car fixed so it would pass inspection, so that's a plus. The day of the 4th the church was having a pancake breakfast, but we didn't wake up in time for that. After that, the Lutz's had a ward party at they're house. That was a pretty good time. We had hotdogs and hamburgers off the grill, played kickball, and the kids had water balloon fights. We had decided the night before that we would go to a Rangers game for our anniversary. So we left the Lutz's house to come home and get ready for the game. Then it all gets stressful. We're rushing around, getting the boys stuff all packed for grandmas house, I can't find anything to wear of course, and Jackson's driving us nuts. Colin gets upset because Jackson is messing with him, so I pick him up to move him and in doing so I set him on my bed. I turn around to get something from my closet, and....Thud! Colin hit the floor. I picked him up and he was doing that thing where they cry so hard that nothing comes out, then he went limp. Now, I'm in a panic. Running around the house, trying to find some shoes so I can take my baby to the hospital, certain that I gave him brain damage and I'm a horrible mom. And this entire time Colin's crying, I'm crying, and Jackson now crying too (I know I scared him). But Jared holds it all together. He sits me down with Colin and gives him a blessing, and then I set in the floor with him just to observe any problems that he might have. He was fine though. After talking about it a little more, we decided that he probably just started to pass out from not breathing. And after all of that, we finished getting ready, took the boys to Grandma Abraham's, and went to the game. It was a good game. The Rangers won, and there was a nice firework show afterwards, but the only thing I could think about the whole time was the boys. I was so worried about Colin, and I missed having them there to see the game and the fireworks. And I don't know that Jared had that much fun, because I probably wasn't that much fun to be with. So, now we're shooting for a really happening 10 year anniversary. I think I should start planning now.

Here we are at the game!

Does anyone recognize this picture? Yep, it's our wedding cake. You know, the cake your supposed to eat at your one year anniversary. We have forgotten every year now, so my mom finally sent it home with me because she was tired of it being in her deep freeze.

I brought it home and let it thaw out for a few hours. I took Jackson's picture with it because it occurred to me that the cake was older than him. That was really crazy to me!

And YES, we ate it! "Disgusting" you say? It was actually as good as it was on our wedding day. I figure we should have lots of good luck now.