Monday, February 23, 2009

Three months old

Colin is three months old today. He is the sweetest baby, and is turning out to look so much like Jared. I will have to post some baby picts of Jared just to show you what I mean. He's continuinig to get chunkier too. I would guess he weighs about 15 lb.s now. He's talking more and laughing now too which cracks me up when he does it.He is a very smiley, happy baby! He's starting to get the hang of grabbing onto things, and putting things in his mouth. He has started bypassing the pacifier for his hands and thumbs too. Every now and then (including the last two nights) he will sleep through the night, great news! Jackson has more and more fun with him everyday and can't wait until Colin's big enough to play with him.


heidiabe said...

I love that belly! I can't wait to see Colin in person!

Sydney said...

At first I thought the top picture was Jared. They all look like him. Each of them are handsome! Good Work!