Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catch Up!

Okay, so I never post anymore. Blogging tends to be the thing that sets on the back burner for me. Not to mention we have had a ton of things going lately. Jared's been staying busy with work and church. When he's not doing that he probably working on the shed/recording studio project, and he still has to find time to finish the bathroom remodel. I have several projects going at the same time right now too. I've spent the last week refinishing the kitchen cabinets. Then I have to retexture the walls and paint, and put up tile for a backsplash. I have a bunch of stuff to get together for my brother's wedding shower this weekend. I've been working on decorations for that and I have to make a cake, yikes! I am also in the proccess of starting a quilt for my new baby niece that will be here in August. All of that going on with the boy's here, means I'm not getting a lot done, much less getting to post on a regular basis. So, I'm am going to do one big catch up blog. I hope that's alright.

This last weekend was a really fun one! My little brother graduated from ACU. We decided to drive out and see the ceremony and go camping with my parents at Abilene State Park. It was perfect weather for camping, and it was so nice to get outside for a couple of days. It was a mothers day well spent. Jackson got creative with some sticks and rocks. He had some help though.

It was really fun to take the boys camping, and Colin did pretty good for his first time. It just went by too fast, so we're trying to talk Jackson into going camping for his birthday.

I added Just a few pictures of some of the projects we have going, just so everyone can see what we've been up to.

Here's the shower Jared's been working on. He did some reframing and put up all the foam board, so now we just need to tile and paint. I thought it would be fun to have some before and after pictures.

What a mess right? But the cabinets look good. This has been my project. Most of that stuff will eventually get packed away and ready for moving. But I thought posting the messy picture would make for a more dramatic "After".

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Good Luck on everything!