Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson!

This last week we celebrated Jackson's 4th Birthday. I can't believe he's already that old. We decided not to have a party this year, and just do something as a family. It was soo nice! The celebrating actually last about three days. Thursday, his actual birthday, I sang "Happy Birthday" to him in his bed to wake him up. Thursday was a busy day. I had to take Colin to the Dr. for his 6 month check-up, go visiting teaching, and go to the store to get everything to make his birthday cake. By the time we got home, we were all ready for a nap, but that didn't happen. Jared came home early, and took a nap. My mom came by a little later and brought Jackson his first present. His first bike!

We drove him and the new bike up to the church so he could test drive it.

After a couple of hours of that we were all getting hungry, and Jackson, of course, wanted pizza.

Grandma Abraham and Christy came by later to bring Jackson more presents.

Twister Hopscotch, and some really cool silly straws.

Friday was rather uneventful, it was supposed to be the day to make the cake. I had anticipated Jackson being a big helper, and it being a fun project. Instead I had to do it mostly by myself, and it took all day!

Saturday was a little better, we got up that morning and got ready to take Jackson to the park to ride his new bike down one of the trails. We all got really hot and tired, so we came home and waited on everyone (grandparents)to come over for cake and ice cream.

After we finished our dessert, we left for Arlington to go watch the Rangers!

Colin got to go to his first Rangers game. It looks like he enjoyed it. We had a really good time, it was a really good game too. They won 14-1. With, I think, 3 homeruns. So we got to see the fireworks go off a few times. Grandma and Grandpa Abraham came with us too. It was nice to have everyone there enjoying the game, enjoying the "food", and cheering for the Rangers. We should do it again!

It was a nice birthday for Jackson, I hope we were able to make it memorable for him. He sure is growing up fast, and I often miss that cute little blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy that he once was. He's not so little anymore. I am looking forward, though, to the boy that he will become. I love you more than you will ever know, Jackson. Happy fourth Birthday!


Nathan and Nicole said...

What a fun birthday. I love the pictures of the boys in their ball caps. Looks like lots of fun :)

Sydney said...

We had a great time being with Jackson for his birthday. We all love you so much.