Monday, May 24, 2010

Introducing, Carrot!

Several nights ago, as we were trying to get ready to go out to have dinner with Nathan and Nicole, I went out on the back porch to look for my flip flops and found this:223

Except it wasn’t dead at the time….and yes, it’s a copperhead!

So, now we have this:


I told Jackson to come up with a name, and the options he gave us were Richard or Carrot.  So, I think we’ll call him Carrot.

He’s supposed to have a reputation for killing snakes, so we’ll see how he does.  So far, all he’s managed to do it to get himself stuck in trees. Jackson really likes him though.


Adam said...

I wouldn't mind if I never see a snake alive again except for at the zoo. We went for a hike the other day and I was showing Josh some cool lizards - I found one sitting in a drainage pipe with just the tip of its head poking out and pointed it out to Josh until I saw its tongue stick out and realized it was no lizard. Glad you guys have a cat - it amazes me that those little creatures are so good against snakes.

heidiabe said...

You know our family has a bad history with copperheads! I hope carrot keeps everyone safe.