Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One time only

So, I wouldn’t typically do this, but I thought just this one time I would. I am going to make a post about me, and even post pictures…current ones! I have a friend that has her own small photography business. She called me yesterday and said she wanted to take pictures of my belly, and I laughed hard. She even told me what to wear. So, I though well I have never had pictures made of myself while pregnant. It was never an idea that appealed to me, but I figured that someday I might wish that I had. I threw on my dress, packed up the boys and went to her house. If you don’t already know, it’s HOT and about 120% humidity here in Texas, so I was sure I wouldn’t like any of the pictures. Especially if they included my hair and face. But, I was actually surprised. I even went today to have a few of them printed so I could frame them. Here they are, humid hair and everything. I hope you like them.










Thanks Lacey, I really did have a good time. That tire swing was killer though. It was about two and half feet off the ground, and about impossible for a pregnant lady in a dress to get into. Oh, and get this. She was trying to get pictures for her OB’s office and she said she chose the second one for her Dr. So, maybe I’ll be hanging in an office soon.



Grandma A. said...

Those are great pictures! I'm proud of you for going. I don't know whypregnant women don't think they look good pregnant, because others do. I believe you will treasure these pictures. You look beautiful and so does Lane, Laine, Lain or ....

Jared said...

You're welcome.