Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jared’s 26th Birthday Fun

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Jared turned 26 this year, and the one thing he wanted to do was to build a huge slip ‘n’ slide. Sooo, he got online and found some instructions on how to assemble the giant thing. Grandpa Abraham came over early to help him put it together. Nathan and Nicole and their kiddos came to help us celebrate and to break in the slide. I, unfortunately could really partake of the fun, but I have to say even though it looked like a lot of fun, there was also some pain to be had.

Jared taking the first ride.

Grandpa almost getting strangled

Nathan flying!

The slip ‘n’ slide gat left out over night, so we got to play on it for two days in a row. The boy’s had so much fun, including Jared. He actually pulled me down it a couple of times too, it was fun. Maybe next year I can try it without the belly :)

z5 030 (25)

I love this picture!

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I hope you had a Happy Birthday Jared! We love you so much, and we appreciate all that you do for us. You’re such an awesome Dad and Husband! Happy 26th!


Heidi said...

Happy birthday, Jared! Wow! I need to put your birthday in my plans for next year. I would hate to miss it!

Grandma A. said...

Very cute pictures of the boys faces coming down the slide. They look a whole lot better than I did coming down, but I had about as much fun.