Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Projects

What’s going on?

t 058

t 057

What on earth could we be doing? I see a saw, lots of wood, lots of sawdust and some you know what it could be?  Only I would decide that we needed to embark upon a project like this one.

Well, here’s the finished product….

t 059

A nice, new huge dining table just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner! We were too excited about getting it set that we didn’t take any pictures of it without table clothes, food, and décor!

t 061

t 063

t 073

It was quite the set up as you can see. Heidi brought her lace table cloth that she got in Italy and Sydney brought her China. And me and Nicole painted and !glittered! those little word signs you see there. And the guys supplied us our table! It was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.


Nikki said...

WOO HOO! Love the pictures. It was the best Thanksgiving! I had so much fun with you that week. It was stressful but hey I think we helped each other stay sane, what about you? lol
You ready for x-mas yet? ha ha I'm not. I AM excited for our p.j.'s ;)

Grandma A. said...

Sure glad you had the big idea to build the table. I was so impressed with Jared for building it and you and Nicole for the glittery designs. It was the best Thanksgiving for me, since everyone else did the cooking. Thanks for everything.