Friday, October 17, 2008

Ahh, the Fall!

I am so excited that's finally starting to feel like fall here. Jared left this morning wearing a sweater. I love sweaters! It made me a little happy. I decided yesterday to update the blog with something to celebrate Fall. Then I got a call from Grandma Abraham saying that there was a pumpkin patch up at her school, and to bring Jackson. It worked out perfectly. I gave Jackson a haircut, and got him looking all cute and told him we were going to go take a lot of pictures with all the pumpkins. We don't get too many opportunities to get really cute pictures, so I had to take advantage of it while I could. I hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Jackson picking out his pumpkins.

The sun was a little too bright for Jackson, or the pumpkin was too heavy.

Jackson and Me in the pumpkins. Jackson and Grandma trying to decide.

Superman trying to pick up the big pumpkins.
After experiencing the Pumpkin Patch, we decided to have Jared meet up with us after he got off work and go to the park. The park has a couple of reeally nice walking trails, and Jackson loves going for walks.

Jackson riding his race car, and 3 yr old Jackson doing the monkey bars with just a little help from Grandma.

Jackson was trying to show us how your supposed to workout on that piece of equipment.

We had a really fun evening, and Jackson passed out in the car before we could get home(Yea!)

We are excited for the cooler weather and the chance to get outside more without overheating. On top of that, I've been telling myself this entire pregnancy that when it starts getting cold and we start seeing all of the holiday stuff on all the shelves at the store, it would almost be time for Colin to be here, so bring on the Holidays!


Allison said...

Those are GREAT pictures you captured Jamie. How fun that you could stay in town and be able to do all that. Our little town is coming along nicely, LOL! And I agree - the weather is FANTASTIC!

Jamie said...

Thanks Allison. We had a fun time. There really weren't many pumpkins left by the time we got there, but I think we did a good job of hiding that in the pictures. Jackson loved the pumpkins, if it had been up to him we would have left with all of them.

heidiabe said...

Fun pictures and I love the new picture on top of the blog. How did you get my brother to dress up like a pilgrim? He must really love you!

Nathan and Nicole said...

Jamie : ) you are so sweet, thanks for your comments. I love your new blog back-ground. I saw the pics of Jackson and decided we need to get on top of things and take Ethan before it's too late. The boys would have so much fun going together. I really wish y'all were coming for x-mas, it really won't be the same with out you. We need to get together with our new babies. I definitely think we need to plan a trip for spring or summer like you said. Or we could do another 4th of July outing. We really miss you guys. How's your pregnancy going?