Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun evening with old friends.

A little over a week ago Jared's old friend Austin, from the band days, invited us over to his parents house to see his new baby boy and to cookout and swim. Austin's new wife had two other kiddos really close in age to Jackson, so it was a real fun time for him too. We all went swimming in the pool, ate grilled goodies, and watched a couple of old band videos...which is always fun(ny). Jackson had so much fun with the other kids, Ty and Alexis, he was so worn out by the end of the evening. Later on, Austin invited us to go for a ride out on the boat. Neither of our kids has ever been on one. My dad had a boat when I was growing up and I loved going out on it, so it was really fun to see if they liked it too. Colin's life jacket was way too big for him, he looked really funny! Jackson loved feeling the wind in his hair. Jared actually went tubbing, and I think he was tired by the end of the ride. We had a really nice time, thanks Austin.


Sydney said...

Looks like a nice evening. Loved the pictures of Jared and Jackson on the tube and the sunset. You guys need a boat!

Adam said...

Looks like a fun trip out on the boat. Tubing is a blast.