Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Activities

I have decided that this week I would have a Christmas activity for Jackson to do everyday. The weather has been too bad for him to go out, so I thought I could come up with some fun things for him to do to help keep him entertained. When I was little we had these christmas ornaments, and decorations that my mom had made. They were kits that she had bought, and made and had I always liked them. They are made of plastic, but when they're done, they look like stained glass. I did a little searching this year, because I thought that something like that would be fun for me and Jackson to do together. I found some on ebay, but they seemed really expensive. So, the other day I was shopping with my mom at Garden Ridge, and found some for just a few bucks. I was going to do them yesterday to start off the week, but we didn't get to them until today. So, here they are.

Here is what they start off looking like. They're just small metal frames.
Here's Jackson, filling in the frames. You get these little bags of tiny plastic pellets that melt into the frames when you bake them.

Now they're read to go into the oven!

And these are the finished product! The snowman is Jacksons, he did most of it by himself. I was actually suprised at how well he did. I thought for sure there would be a giant mess, but he did great.
And here's a really cute picture of Colin just because.


Allison said...

What a GREAT idea. We also had those ornaments when I was a kid. We did shrinky dinks too. Did that come as a kit or did you have to buy the plastic seperate? All the kids will be home in just a few days, I'll need stuff to keep them busy as well. :)

Nathan and Nicole said...

Looks like fun : ) You're a good mommy. I love the picture of Colin, that's so sweet!

Jamie said...

It all came in the kits. They were separate kits for each ornament, but the plastic came with them. They are called Makit & Bakit. They old ones that my mom had were called Eze Form. They may be easier to find than I thought, but the Christmas ones are half off at Garden Ridge.

Melanie said...

So fun! I remember making those when I was a little girl, and loving it. I love the sweet picture of Colin with his reindeer!

Sydney said...

Good job on the ornaments! Your tree is so beautiful this year and so are your kids.

Ellie said...

I love Jackson's face in that first pic! SO cute!